Secular Wedding Vows

Please know these are just suggestions- you can mix and match, taking lines from one example and combining it with a different example to create your unique expression of love for each other.  Also, you don’t have to say the exact same vows- really, anything that feels right to you as a couple will be perfect for your wedding. Also- ignore the names, they’re just place holders- it doesn’t mean that the vows are gender specific.  We can replace husband and wife with partner, or whatever you prefer.


Honor of Your Hand

Jim: Today, Annie, I accept you for who you are: the woman I love. For the honor of your hand in marriage, I vow to be your partner in life, to make you smile when you are sad, to lift you when you are down, to rejoice and share in both your trials and successes. Your path will be my path and I promise to walk not behind or in front, but next to you, together, to face whatever is before us. I vow to remain the man that you love.

Annie: Jim, I take you to be my lawful wedded husband on this day and everyday here after. I will stand by your side at every crossroads to be your shoulder to lean on, your ear to talk to and the mirror for your smile when you are doubled-over laughing. I vow to be a part of the endless love that we see for each other. I will be there for every adversary you face and every joy you experience. This ring is a promise that I will love you in all times, all places, in all ways, forever.


I, Mike, take you, Sal, to be my wife, to love you, to cherish you, to help you and honor you, to give you comfort and understanding in whatever the future may bring, in confidence that together we are responsible for our destiny.

My Life is Yours

From this day forward, I pledge to live each day with your happiness as my guiding thought. I will listen to your words, your actions, and your thoughts as tough they were my own because they are as much a part of me as they are you.  I pledge my unwavering trust and devotion no matter what the circumstance. I will support and encourage your dreams, because your dreams are my dreams. I will open my heart, mind and soul to you, so that I may be ever worthy of the selfless love you give. From this day forward, my life is yours.

Cherish and Adore

Today, I join my life to yours. From this day on, I will be your partner and companion, for you are my dearest love and my best friend. I look forward to the joy we will find in each others separate successes, as well as our shared ones, and welcome the challenge of whatever obstacles we encounter, for I know that whatever we face, we face it together. Because your happiness is vital to me, I will help you to grow as an individual. I will also strive to be more fully myself because you deserve no less than the best of me. I pledge that I will listen to you when you speak encourage you in times of doubt, comfort you in times of sorrow, and be a refuge of strength for you in times of uncertainty. I will be faithful to you all of my days, will always be honest with you, and will cherish and adore you every moment of my life.This is my solemn vow.


Solemn Intentions

Cecilia,  In you I have found a friend, a lover, A companion on life's path. You have become the single most important person in my life. With you I have experienced more happiness, To you I give my strength and my weakness My beliefs, courage and my fears. To you I give my past and my future, my hopes and my dreams. Cecilia, I promise to accept you without conditions, To love and cherish you, not only for this hour, but for all that may follow. I love you. As I stand before you now, I pledge that these are my solemn intentions.

What Life May Bring

I, Sherri, take you, Rita, to be no other than yourself loving what I know of you trusting what I do not yet know with respect for your integrity and faith in your love for me through all our years and in all that life may bring us.

Earnest Devotion

I, Debby, take you, Stephen, to be my husband, to have and to hold from this day forward; for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, til death do us part. With my whole heart and with my earnest and complete devotion I give you my love.